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“Per aspera ad astra” through the effort the triumph

Because this is the real secret to achieving any goal in life

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Hi there! I’m Acepirit, a digital artist dedicated to graphic design, illustration, audiovisual editing and community management. All in one since 2016!. Here you can see my profile on DeviantArt. For about +10 years I’ve had this account, in which I showed the world what I did and what I loved most in the world, when my occupations allowed me to do so, of course. First and foremost, I’m a responsible adult.

I’m completely passionate about this beautiful world, full of ideas and challenges, but with a lot of creativity and patience great satisfactions can be obtained. I greet you with one of my favourite phrases, because when I was a child I used to spend my time painting and looking up at the stars, dreaming of becoming an artist. A long time has passed since then and now, I pour myself a nice cup of slightly sweet coffee, put on my headphones for inspiration and immerse myself in my world of digital colour palettes, and of course, I’m still gazing at the night sky.


You may ask, what does “Acepirit” mean, well I’ll explain: “Ace” comes from my favourite band Ace of Base and “pirit” from the word spirit. And why that name? Well, as I said, when I was little I used to make drawings, especially of my band and I used that pseudonym to sign my works, so I find it very comfortable to unite in that nickname, everything I am and what I love to do, to create art.

As a digital artist I get excited about each new project and the ideas that are transformed into unique pieces. And you, what inspires you? I would like to know.

What makes me stand out

I stick to stoicism as much as possible, and apply reason and virtue in my personal and professional life. And being so, I always have in mind to do things right and if not, I don’t do them at all. My intention is to give you the quality you deserve, because I like to receive quality also as a customer.

I know that it’s not possible to achieve absolute perfection, but I try to make my creations neat, to transmit the essence behind every emotion. There’s no better feeling than knowing that you offered an excellent service and that your clients are so happy with the results that they come back to you for more.

With you I seek good mutual understanding, efficiency and optimal results. That’s what I call effective communication, which together with teamwork and clearly ideas, form the fundamental building blocks for success.

In three short paragraphs I have summarised for you the guidelines I follow when I get inspired and let the art flow between my hands and my laptop.

Acepirit creations

How Acepirit works?

First of all, I like to have a nice and fluid conversation with my clients in order to know in depth what are the emotions behind the ideas. It’s not enough to know what fleetingly passes through people’s minds, it’s necessary to go further, to the essence that motivates those ideas.

When I listen to the person who is speaking to me, I give shape in my mind to what he or she is telling me, while I write down in my notebook what I consider important. These notes will be used later when I need the details of the project.

Once the payment methods are agreed upon, I get down to work, you know how? with my cup of coffee by my side, I turn on my laptop and play some good music to inspire me. Once in the creative mood, I review the notes in my notebook and organize each stage of the work so that the results are achievable and measurable. Structured work also allows the client to keep track of how the project is going.

I believe that working in phases is the most efficient way of doing things. For me as a digital artist it allows me to control the processes, and it gives my clients confidence to see how we’re progressing, step by step.

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