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Charlie Shawarma

Who’s Charlie Shawarma?

Charlie Shawarma is a personal project, in which I let my alter ego express himself freely in a gameplays youtube channel. To be honest I don’t dedicate as much time as I would like, but I include it here because it’s part of what I’ve done. I feel proud of all my creations.

Charlie, the tough guy, is my other me, what I would be like as a man. Shawarma is an allusion to my Indian genes (I know shawarma is an arabic food, but it’s just a fictional character, let the creativity flow)

There’re a lot of male gamers, and gamer girls everywhere, but… when have you ever seen a woman playing but as if she were a man?. Only Charlie Shawarma, he’s unique, the best of both worlds!

How did the idea came up?

Basically I started it because I love videogames, especially the old pc games that were played without multiplayer. That times that marked my adolescence! And now why not, those new games that have earned my love and respect over time. In the end, the idea is always to have a good time, even if I don’t always win.

That’s why I decided to venture into the world of youtube gameplays, to share those leisure and chill out moments with those who also enjoy classic and current games.

Plus gameplays, what else does Acepirit do with Charlie Shawarma?

Besides playing and relaxing (either alone or with friends), once the game is over and the OBS Studio finishes recording, I dedicate myself to editing the video. Then, I make sure that everything fits well, so I can share a good stuff that people like.

I also do everything related to graphic design, such as thumbnails for youtube. I really enjoy the whole process of working with this crazy project called Charlie Shawarma.

If you go to the Youtube link you can watch the video 100% made by me in spanish.

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Charlie Shawarma illustration