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Chéches’ Sweets & Bakery

What Chéches’ Sweets & Bakery is?

Chéches’ Sweets & Bakery (Chéches’) was a family gastronomic venture with my husband and daughter, in which I participated for a while. The idea was to sell typical food from the Venezuelan Andes (since he’s from that zone of the country) such as “pastelitos” and “arepitas”. In addition to offering treats made by me, like chocolate chip cookies or “reinitas” which are cookies filled with jelly. We also sold other seasonal desserts, for example mango jam or papaya jam.

Why “Chéches”? and What is it?

Let’s start with the first thing, what is “Chéche”? Well, it’s nothing more than an affectionate name for my girls, which at first was for my beloved dog “Libby” (now unfortunately deceased) and later, when my daughter “Vicky” was born, I also gave it to her. You know, mommy stuff.

Having clarified the name, I will now explain why I decided to use it for this venture. Although this project took shape as such in 2022, the idea originally came up in 2014. If memory serves me correctly: I was moved by the desire to prepare tasty cookies for my little girl (by then she was a 1 year old baby) that she could eat as snacks. Also when I had the opportunity I made seasonal fruit candies for special dates, or for family members.

Everyone who tasted what I baked was delighted and always suggested me to sell my products, and that way I would have an income since at that time I was not working, only my ex-husband.

Finally I ended up listening to them and started my gastronomic starup. Since the cookies and other sweets were initially for my daughter, and she’s a “chéche”, I decided that my business would be called “Chéches’ Cookies”

What did Acepirit do with Chéches’ Sweets & Bakery?

Apart from being totally immersed in the kitchen and finances, I dedicated myself to developing all the publicity material, including: posts for instagram and whatsapp, videos, product catalogue, and social media management. As you can imagine, 100% of my time was dedicated to my beloved Chéches’, but I loved this project for its good vibes and human warmth in every idea that came up.

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