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The Breakdown: An inside look into my creative process

Welcome, creative readers! In this post, I want to share with you a glimpse into my creative process and how I get to that moment of transforming ideas into realities. Whether you’re a writer, artist, or just someone who enjoys creativity, I hope you find some inspiration in my words.

My view about creative process

What can we say about the creative process? Out there are some concepts, steps and how to improve it. I don’t think there is a specific way to start or finish a creative project. For me, it’s about being willing to try things that may not work, or even be rejected by others. I think it’s important that people can be open-minded enough to be willing to try something new and different from what they’re used to, because you never know what can happen if you keep trying.


The path to the muse

Everyone has a unique way of thinking, feeling and doing things, but it’s important to remember that everyone’s process is different. Let’s look at these 7 steps I follow to make new connections between old and new ideas:

  1. The creative impulse: Every creative process starts with a spark of inspiration. It can be something I see, a personal experience or even just an idea that comes out of nowhere. The key is to be open to the opportunities around you and be willing to explore new perspectives.
  2. Research and information gathering: Once I have an idea in mind, I start researching. I look for relevant information, divergent points of view and related stories. This stage helps me to better understand the topic and generate concepts that can enrich my creative work.
  3. Define the objective: Before I focus on anything else, it’s important to be clear about the goal of my creative project. Do I want to inform, entertain or persuade? Defining the goal helps me stay focused and create work that resonates with my audience.
  4. Brainstorming and idea generation: This stage is where the magic really happens. Using techniques such as brainstorming, concept mapping or free writing, I start generating as many ideas as possible. I don’t worry about quality at this stage; I simply write down all the ideas that go through my head.
  5. Organization and structure: Once I have a list of ideas, I move on to organizing and structuring them in a coherent way. I create an outline or initial draft to help me visualize the final form of my work. This also helps to eliminate redundant or irrelevant ideas.
  6. Development and revision: Now is the time to bring my ideas to life. I take my outline or draft and begin to develop the content. During this process, it is important to allow myself to experiment, try different approaches and revise my work as I go along. Revision is essential to polish and refine my creative work.
  7. Delivery and feedback: Once I feel my work is ready, I deliver it. This can be in whatever form is appropriate for the creative project at hand. I also seek feedback from my audience to continue to improve and grow as a creative.

Resuming creative process

To conclude, the creative process is a fascinating journey where one can explore new territories and express oneself in unique ways. By following these steps, I have found that I can overcome creative blocks, generate fresh ideas and create results that I am proud of. I hope this glimpse into my creative process inspires you to discover and develop your own creative potential!

Thanks for reading me, remember “Acepirit” wrote for you.