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Sound & Video Editing

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What video editing is?

Sound and video editing is an art that allows me to take the footage of your product, business, or service and help you make sure it looks its best. I can cut together the most interesting shots from different takes to create a compelling narrative. I can add in music and sound effects, or give them a different tone if needed. In short, I’m able to manipulate the visual aspect of the footage to make it work for you.

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Working with video files is a bit different from working with audio files when it comes to editing. Audio files are generally smaller than video files, and it’s possible to edit them using professional software for audio editing (I use Adobe Audition). Sound is just as important as image when it comes to crafting an emotional experience for your viewer.

Video files are larger, take up more space on a computer, and often require additional software to edit or manipulate, in my case I use Sony Vegas Pro. When I see a clip and think, “I want to edit this,” I think about what’s going on in the video and how it will make the audience feel.

What means to be a video editor?

I love to edit. I use my editing skills for every project I work on, big or small. Whether I’m cutting commercials, shorts, a feature-length documentary, or even a school project (or all of the above), I love the challenge that comes with editing any kind of video. With so many ways to edit a video these days, it’s easier than ever to make your vision come alive. It all starts with the story you want to tell.

My clients range from individuals who are looking to get their businesses off the ground to established companies looking for a fresh perspective on their existing products. Whatever your project may be I’ll use my editing skillset to bring out the best in what you’ve got. Clip by clip, I make that idea in your head come true, so you can see it in action through the screen.

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My expertise areas:

Social Media

Social media audiofrom 15 USD
Social media videofrom 20 USD

Documentaries & Podcast

from 20 USD

Advertising Spots

video editing spots
Audio advertisingfrom 15 USD
Video advertisingfrom 20 USD

English/Spanish Dubbing

Dubbing (voice &
from 25 USD

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If you are still not convinced, you can see My Portfolio where I show you some of my most recent projects.