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My Portfolio

Acepirit’s works


The Odyssey Channel

    The Odyssey channel is my most recent personal project and one of the most challenging so far, that’s why I love it!, because it tests the knowledge and skills that I have cultivated with patience and creativity, throughout all these years, idea after idea successfully executed

    Mine Cable Services Corporation

      MCS is a Canadian company, also present in Latin America,.I was part of their marketing team, following the directions of the Latin American sales manager, for three months

      The camp logo

      The Camp Transformation Center

        The Camp TC is a successful gym franchise system in the United States and Mexico. I have been working with them since 2017 as a community manager, managing some of their Facebook accounts

        Chéches’ Sweets & Bakery

          Chéches’ was a family gastronomic venture with my husband and daughter, in which I participated for a while. The idea was to sell typical food from the Venezuelan Andes, cookies and seasonal desserts

          Charlie Shawarma

            Charlie Shawarma is a personal project, in which I let my alter ego express himself freely in a gameplays youtube channel