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The Odyssey Channel

What’s The Odyssey Channel?

The Odyssey channel is my most recent personal project and one of the most challenging so far, that’s why I love it!, because it tests the knowledge and skills that I have cultivated with patience and creativity, throughout all these years, idea after idea successfully executed. It’s a small space on Youtube, created in 2023, where my digital art, the talented voice of my best friend Frodaz and our pen come together. The result is a nurturing niche where you will find stories told from a unique perspective.

logo Odyssey

How did the idea came up?

Both Frodaz and I are attracted to deep topics that allow you to have hours of interesting and endlessly entertaining conversations. He is passionate about history and languages. I, myself, love sciences such as astronomy, as well as graphic arts. That’s why talking one afternoon, accompanied by our coffees, we wondered what would happen if we put together everything that catches our attention and turn it into a window to the world, in which people could see and hear everything we have to tell.

In short, this is how The Odyssey channel was born: the idea of two friends who want to share their interests with anyone who wants to.

What does Acepirit do in The Odyssey channel?

My participation in The Odyssey consists of taking care of everything related to graphic design, illustration, audio and video editing, as well as contributing to the scripts, helping to shape the writing, something I also enjoy very much.

My work with graphic design is related to the elaboration of the advertising posts for the promotion of the channel and the videos. As for illustration, I rely on artificial intelligence to inspire me and create the thumbnails of the videos on Youtube. And as far as audiovisual editing is concerned, I dedicate myself to the preparation of Frodaz’s spectacular voice, to later make the video montage, making sure that everything fits together well, to finally upload it to the channel.

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