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The Camp Transformation Center

Who are The Camp Transformation Center?

The Camp Transformation Center (The Camp TC) is a successful gym franchise system in the United States and Mexico, with a long and recognized trajectory in the fitness world, for over a decade with over 150 franchised locations and Myo Sports Nutrition, a supplement and apparel line.

Among their successful featured programs are:

  • The 20-pound Weight Loss Program: designed to help individuals jump start their fitness.
  • The Hard Body Program: designed for individuals who are currently active and want to take their fitness to the next level.
  • The Elite Training: a personalized, small group training that is provided by a Camp trainer.

How Acepirit met The Camp Transformation Center?

I contacted The Camp TC for the first time, in 2017 thanks to a former co-worker, who was already working with them. She asked me to help her manage the high volume of traffic that The Camp TC’s Facebook accounts handle on a daily basis.

In 2019, my ex-colleague left the vacancy open and from that moment on I took full charge of the community manager duties of the accounts that both of us were already working on.

What does Acepirit do with The Camp TC?

As I said, I’ve been working with its owners as community manager, managing some of their Facebook accounts, with which we connect with hundreds of people who are empowered through the care of their physical and mental health.

On a daily basis I get to manage around 50 to 100 posts per account, mostly attending to comments from their clients. In an average week the workload can reach around 250, and in a month approximately 1000 per account. So imagine all the work involved!

All these numbers are easy to say, when you enjoy your work and I love this project in which I motivate day by day those who want to improve their lifestyle and really transform themselves.

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The Camp Transformation Center