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“The Stalking Jaguar”

It is definitely intimidating to see a stalking jaguar in the wild nature. Jaguars are majestic and imposing animals, likewise other felines, such as tigers, panthers or lions (I’m sure I’m leaving more unnamed). Certainly, to think that we are insignificant, compared to their incredible strength, gives me goose bumps. I sincerely believe that, being the largest felids in the Americas, they should have a place of honor, if they don’t already have one. How do jaguars make you feel?, what else can you say about them?

The history behind

Their beautiful spotted fur inspired me to make this illustration which is part of a personal project with my great friend Frodaz. With each new drawing I finish, I’ll show you what it’s about, but I’ll tell you a little bit in advance, it’s a character from a story. What is certain is that what we are doing is our little son that is being nurtured with love, step by step

How was the creative process?

I worked on “The Stalking Jaguar” for a few weeks, then I left it for work and other commitments, and came back to it some time later. To work on illustrations I use a graphic tablet and Adobe Illustrator (my favorite design program). The color palette I used was orange and yellow, with shades of brown, grayscale, black and white, using the stain brush tool.

While I enjoyed a few cups of hot coffee, with a lot of patience, good music, I got the inspiration I needed. As a result I loved what I did, especially that look of the jaguar, that imposes respect and the level of detail by sticking as close as possible to the original image. I feel proud, because I consider it as my first great illustration.

Which is your favourite feline? would you like me to illustrate it?

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